Minggu, 11 Januari 2015


  Hello.First, let me say happy new year for all of you, readers.I hope that in 2015 we may create peace on earth.amiennn
  My final score on this report card wasn't so good.That was make my parents wasn't very happy.Well,maybe that wasn't cool but i swear to my mom to study more diligently in this year.
  Talking about school score, now i'm going to tellinyou about my holiday that i have spent to fulfill my score on mrs.Wiwin task that she gave to us.
  Well i think that my holiday wasn't a far vacation to other country like Europe, japan, Singapore or even Bali.No,i spent my holiday with moving to a new house in a new neighbourhood in Cimahi. The house is located in Sariwangi Selatan street complex ikip no.Q8.Far enough from my school.Actually the new house is not new enough to being called new house because the house was built in August 2013 and it's done in july 2014.We moved to the house in this holiday or let's say new year holiday .So we officially moved in 28 Desember 2014.
  Not only with moved but i also spent my holiday with taking a rest after 1 smester school activity although my score on report card is not good.
  I think this holiday i did more activities more with my family but my father.Because he was too busy with his works in Jakarta.So, it's my mom, my brother, and my sister.We went to Dusun Bambu in Cimahi. The place is so good.My brother and i rode bikes there and my mom and my sister had a lunch in Pasar Khatulistiwa inside Dusun Bambu.At the time wasn't too crowded , so we enjpyed it so much.
  I think that is all that i can share with you about my holiday.Thx

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