Minggu, 25 Januari 2015

Food On the Side of the Street in Bandung

   Hello!This is my first time to be food blogger by the way.So let's make this blog about food is good to be read.So,it's about one of my favourite food and drink,however it's a blog about food.So this food is usually sell on the side of the street or PKL or usually to be sold by a street vendors.It's Susu murni and food in angkringan.
   Maybe some of you readers know that angkringan is really known a stand of food that usually in Jogjakarta.But in Bandung,it's not a rare view that almost every night on a few streets in Bandung there are a lot of Angkringan which has a Javanese sharacteristic.Angkringan usually sell Nasi kucing,variations of satay like seafood satay,saussage satay,and many more.One of my favourite angkringan in Bandung is Angkringan mas Agil in Surya Sumantri street near Maranatha or Pasteur toll road.

      The food is so delicious for an angkringan,what is usually buy in this angkringan is tempe mendoan,shrimp satay,kikil satay,and two pack of nasi kucing.i usually go here when i'm home alone in the night.Well for a one pack of nasi kucing,i have to pay for 2000 rupiahs,really cheap isn'it.well that was the food
      For the drinks,i usually spent my night in Susu Murni Mustika in Astana Anyar street.I like this stand becaus in this block of street vendors,a lot of food and drinks are sold,like Ronde Jahe,Nasi Goreng,and of course Susu murni.I have to pay about 5000 rupiahs for a cup of milk in a lot of variation of taste like strawberry,chocolate,even ginger and an egg.The seller said that a cup of ginger milk and an egg is good for your stamina.But i don't really like it.My favourite one is strawberry flavor and sometimes i buy a cup of original milk.The taste is really good.
       Well i think that's all that i can share about culinary.What a long night,isn'it?I hope that you try on of the food that i have explain above.Thank you.                                                                                                 

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