Minggu, 30 November 2014

Pasar Seni ITB 2014

   Hello!Today,I'm going to tell you about my experience at PASAR SENI ITB 2014.I write this to fulfill my empty score on VC.
   So,last Sunday, I accompanied my mom to Pasar Seni ITB.But,at first,my mom didn't know that Pasar Seni was held on 23 November.We went to Car Free Day Bandung for a breakfast.And then suddenly,there is a parade which was promoting  Pasar Seni ITB.My mom was so excited and imsist me to go with her to Pasar Seni ITB.She loves art very much and she had been to Pasar Seni ITB 4 years ago.That's why she was so exciting.She made me accompany her to go there in the end.
    Pasar Seni ITB was held in the campus of ITB.We went there on foot because there is a lot of car which was going to the Pasar Seni even at the time still in the morning,so my mom decided to go there on foot.The event was mainly coloured with yellow and purple.the decoration of each stands of the event was cool.There stood a lot of stand which sold a lot of art stuff,like jacket,bag,shoes,and many more.
     At the food section,there stood a lot of stand of food seller.But i was getting bored because my mom keep talking about how cool this event was.She bought a bag and clothes there.The design of those thing is nice,and my mom bought me an ice cream,because at the time was so hot.
     But suddenly,rain was coming at the time when my mom and i walked in the croud of the event.So we found a place where we can take sit and shelter.After all we were having fun,but because of the rain,my mom wanted to go home.So we went back to the car after the rain get calm and stop.
    I think that is all that i can share about my xperience when i went to Pasar Seni ITB 2014.Thx

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