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Why Cats and Dogs Always Fight

Hello!Now I'm Going to retell a story of  Why Cat and Dog Always Fight.
There was once a farmer who lived in the Wild West of America. He had a cat and a dog, who were very good friends, and a horse called Bess.

One day, while he was ploughing the land with the help of Bess, the farmer unearthed a ring of pure gold. The ring was engraved with marking of the like he had never seen. He rushed back to his homestead to show off his exciting discovery to the cat and the dog.

“You must keep the ring,” said the cat, upon seeing it, “it’s a Magic Earth ring and has got special powers.” Cats can sense these things.

“Yep!” Agreed the dog. “I’ve also got a feeling that this ring is a lot more than just a pretty jewel.”

The farmer scratched his head, rubbed his eyes, pinched his nose, stroked his beard and twanged his suspenders…well a talking cat and dog isn’t something that you see every day!

            Finally the farmer spoke.

            “Well I’ve listened to what you have both got to say, but I am going the sell the ring anyway. It looks real nice on my finger it’s true, but we have got to get money to eat. We need Food!” The farmer sadly shook his head. “ This little farm is not producing enough for the four of us to eat. I sure am hungry.”

            The very next day the farmer sold the ring to the best jeweler in town and took his money to buy a weeks supply of food for himself, the cat the dog and Bess the horse. Soon the food was gone and they were no better off then they had been before finding the special gold ring.

            Meanwhile the town jeweler became very rich. He got so rich that he brought Bess the horse. He got so rich that he brought the farmers land. He got so rich that he even brought the farmer’s neighbors land!

            The poor farmer didn’t know what to do. He had lost his land and his horse.

“How am I going to grow any food now?” The farmer sobbed.

The cat watched the poor farmer as he just sat and wept.

“I said all along it was a Magic Earth ring.” Said the cat. “We have to get the ring back”

 “And get it back quick!” Agreed the dog. “I’ve got a plan that I think will work, but we will have to be smart and very alert.”

“Okay dog. Just tell me what I have to do. You know that I would do anything for you. You are my very best friend.”

“My plan is this, you must catch a mouse and carry it to the jewelers house. The ring is locked in a beautiful box. The mouse must gnaw a hole in the lock and bring the ring back to us.”

So that was that. The plan was hatched.

That very night the cat and the dog (with the help of a local mouse) put the plan into action. Everything went according to the dog plan and by morning the mouse returned to the cat and the dog with the gold ring. Mission accomplished.

With a swift swipe of its claw, the cat grabbed the ring, and headed for home. That nibble cat ran over rooftop and field and left that old dog lolloping along behind. The cat got back to the homestead first.

“I’ve got the magic ring back for you,” the cat declared, as she dropped the ring at the farmer’s feet, “if you keep it on your hand you be able to live in comfort for the rest of your life.”

“You clever cat!” Exclaimed the farmer. “You come a sit down and purr on my lap.” Just then the exhausted dog stumbled in through the front door. “Out you go, you lazy dog!” Snapped the farmer. “Fancy leaving the cat to do that job. You go outside and out you’ll stay.”

“What for?” Asked the confused dog.

“The cat brought the ring back all on her own”

“But it was my plan.” Argued the dog. “I told her what to do. It was all my idea!”

The farmer would not believe the dog and just pampered the smug cat.

Just then all Hell broke loose and the dog chased the cat all over the house.

“TELL THE TRUTH CAT!” Barked the dog.

“I don’t know what you are talking about.” Hissed the cat.

The furious dog chased that cat all over the floor. Day and night, night and day, but the nimble cat kept getting away.

Now the cat sleeps curled up on the farmer’s bed, while the dogs must sleep with the cows in the shed.

The dog was so angry with the cat.

“I’m going to make you’re life a misery, for ever and ever, you flea bitten cat!” Snapped the dog. “WOOF!”

“MEOW!” Replied the cat.

…and the chase went on.

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