Minggu, 07 September 2014

My Unforgettable Moment

     Hello Blogger.Now i'm going to tell you one of my unforgettable moment.Everybody must be having an unforgettable moment,such as,wonderful holiday,first date,happy,sad,and another thing that makes you can not forget that moment.Boringg
     I have an unforgettable moment when i was 5 years old,maybe.That moment that i don't really remember but i can't forget too.Have you ever seen such an occult thing like your grandpa's ghost being?I have.So,at the time,my grandpa and i was like father and his son.We both like can't be seperated,what.I think it's because i am the only male grandchild that he has.But i love my grandpa as a grandchild.My grandparents live in Solo,East Java,and i'm in Bandung.We meet only in Ramdhan(mudik).
     2004,not in Ramadhan,He started to get sick,just like another old people.Then he must to get a special treatment in a hospital in Solo.He got heart disease so bad.Then my father decided to bring his family,including me,to go to Solo and accompany my grandpa in the hospital.A thing that i remember in the hospital is i took a nap in my grandpa's bedstead beside him,my mama says that i interuppted the doctor who treat the old man,then everybody said "Get down form the bed,Ja" eh something like that,but the doctor was ignoring me.The next day,we went back to the hospital,but he's already passed away.We surpised and cried like a baby.After my parents did the administration and my grandpa's burial,we went home by car.I cried while i leant out my head through the window of the car.Then suddenly i saw my grandpa wore a tuxedo waved his hand to me on the side of the road,i'm not really sure,though.I swear the God that i really saw it.Then i stopped crying and started to scream.My mama shocked and asked me why.I told her,but she didnt't believe me.
     After my grandpa's funeral ceremony,we went back to Bandung,and i'm still confused until now.Why so serious?I think that's all that i can share.Thx.

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