Sabtu, 23 Agustus 2014

My New Friend : Fadhlan Abdul Aziz

             He's big,scary,and pink..Alaskan Bull Worm!No it's Fadhlan.He's full name is Fadhlan Abdul Aziz,usually called Fadhlan.He was born at 15th of June 1999,Bandung.He lives at Sukati.He has 3 sisters.He came from Taruna Bakti Junior High School and now in the same class with me in XIPA3,HONJE!
             He has a very big and tall body,black curly hair,a group of facial hairs on the chin,and a rounded nose.He likes physics,wow.His favourite activities are sleeping,playing games,and eating.Loyalty is in him,girls;why?He is a Spurs Football Club fan,even Spurs haven't win any tittles for years,haha,he's still a Spurs fan until now.To me,he's also a good basketball player as a center,good at ball handling and man to man deffense.He loves Music.His favourite band is The Black Keys,he has a good voice by the way.
             He is a good and funny person.Though he also a man who can't stand to sit for a long time which makes him as an annoying person,but he is a good person.I think that's all that i can share about my new friend.Thx.

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