Minggu, 30 November 2014


   Hello,i'm sorry for the late post,because i'm too lazy to open my computer.I wirite this post to replace the 0 score on the Mrs.Wiwin's score list.
   Today i'm going to tell you abaout my school cultural event called MATSWAPATI.This event is some kind of sundanese cultural event which was held at Lapangan Bali near 3 Senior High School on 28th September 2014.There was a lot of stand where they sell some sundanese stuff.Not only sundanese stuff,but a lot of stand where you can play games even get prophecy.
   At the time,my class X-IPA 3 got a chance to collaborating with XI-IPA 3 to hold a stand at the event.Our stand named ASTERIX.The decoration was soso,and we had nothing to present or sell.What i was thinking when i saw our stand is God,the stand is so expensive,and we are bad at the decoration we have nothing to sell.But luckily,we won the parade and got 1 million Rupiah.Ex target ofcourse,but i was grateful that we won.
    The comitee wanted the tenth grader to go the parade.For X-IPA 3,we wore a black t-shirt and tied arround a longarmed batik at our hips,we wore a headband which is made from black carton papper,and painted our face with 3 colours,green,yellow,and blue.
                                                                   Look.That's me.
      Actually artists that i wanted to see in MATSWAPATI is Barsena and Glenn Fredly.But i remember,sundanese cultural that i watched is wayang golek and some kind of silat showing,that was totally cool because they fought like an international wrestler.Performence from our school was Musik Klasik 3,TsT,and KPA.

     Until the performer that i have waited has come.That wass Barsena who sang 4 songs and after the maghrib break,finally Glenn Fredly.They are awesome.I was so excited.Then the event was finished at 8 o'clock in the afternoon.I went home at nine.So cool about MATWAPATI,isn't it?

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