Minggu, 29 Maret 2015

Dewa Athena 7 on SMA N 3 Bandung

    Hello,now i'm going to tell you about my experience when i do perticipate in my school sports event opening ceremony which is called DEWA ATHENA.This is the 7th time that DEWA ATHENA have been held so today we are calling it DEWA ATHENA VII.Well it's a long calling ,so my classmates usually call this event just Dewa.
   In this event,i have been choosen as one of the sportmen from my class and the sportwomen from my class is Maya.We wore our class's jersey,so do the other sportmen and sportwomen.The opening is color run.This run was been led by a thorch runner followed by the other students.As a sportmen,i didn't hit by the colour flour or another colour stuff.So i didnn't really enjoy the run.How can you called that color run but you wasn't been hit any,right?
   After the run,we went back to Lapangan Bali to watch the opening basketball match and BM cup XI 3 versus BM cup all star.That was a great matches.By the way,we took some pictures before the competition begin.


       X 3,my class,played in Futsal for the girls,tug of war,and relay run.We are so ambitious for this competition.What do i really want to play with my class in this event is Futsal for the boys.Hope that we can win one of the match.
       I think that is all that i can share about DEWA ATHENA VII.thx

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